The purpose of the company is cultural, scientific, research and educational. In particular, the urban non-profit company aims to promote the intellectual and cognitive level of its visitors through historical retrospection.The UYiLO MUSEUM is home to the world's largest Apple collection of working Computers, iPHONE, iPAD, iPOD, Printers, and much more. Our collection already has over 1,800 exhibits.

First Focus

Technological Development

In technological development is the most comprehensive collection in the world, where you can see the history and development of the technological leader – Apple. In the museum’s collection there are already about 1,650 exhibits. The collection includes not only old Apple, Macintosh, and NeXT computers, but also software, hardware, peripherals, prototypes, media, and all forms of promotion and information that illustrate the company’s growth.

UYiLO MUSEUM Museum Technological Development
Second Focus


The Space exhibits include original collections of NASA photographs, machinery books and manuals as well as space and aviation collectibles that demonstrate the rapid and unceasing development in such a key technological field that has obliterated distance with enormous benefits for humanity.

UYiLO MUSEUM Museum Space
Third Focus


Exhibition of illustrated art products, namely old style illustrated magazines and comics. An exhibition of photographic material with comics, showing how illustrated stories over time evolved into an art form {9th).

UYiLO MUSEUM Museum Comics
Fourth Focus

Comics Library

Great comics are great comics, regardless of where or when they were created. Our Library of UYiLO MUSEUM imprint takes care of the “when” by preserving the long and jubilantly creative history of International comic.

UYiLO MUSEUM Museum Comics Library

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Omiros Machairidis
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Emilia Snow
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Michael Schmidt
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Senior Graphic Designer

Heinrich Bechtold

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