Uyilo Museum Jobs Says No To Apple

Jobs says no to Apple

Calling his appointment as Apple’s CEO “crazy,” Steve Jobs today said that he has formally declined an Apple board of directors’ request to rejoin Apple as its chairman. Jobs is currently the CEO of Pixar, the animation studio that made Toy Story for Disney. Since returning to Apple in December, Jobs has split his time between Pixar and Apple 50-50. According to reports, Jobs was contacted by Apple’s board three weeks ago telling him they were going to “fire” then-CEO Gil Amelio. They then asked him to return as CEO. Jobs declined, but offered to help them find a replacement for 90 days. Jobs says he loves Pixar and has no plans to leave.

Here is the memo Steve Jobs sent to Pixar employees informing them of his decision:

From: Steve Jobs 
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 97 18:49:30 -0700
To: pixar
Subject: Me

I am told that there are rumors flying everywhere that I am about to be
named CEO of Apple, Chairman of Apple, and on and on.

Its time to let you know what's going on, from the horse's mouth.

I got a call from Apple's Board of Directors three weeks ago, informing me
that they were going to fire their then-current CEO, Gil Amelio, and asking
me to return to Apple as their CEO. I declined, but agreed to step up my
involvement with Apple for up to 90 days, helping them until they hire a
new CEO. They then asked me to become Chairman, and I again declined.

I love my job at Pixar. I cannot imagine a cooler place to be. Nor a
smarter or more fun group of people to work with. Nor a more exciting thing
to do--create some of the cultural classics of our time as we pioneer a new
medium of entertainment.

So don't worry--the crazy rumors are just that. I have no plans to leave
Pixar. You're stuck with me.


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