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Project Management

Project Managers are ultimately responsible for the delivery of projects on-time, in-scope, and on-budget. Project Managers at UYiLO MUSEUM have a broad background in design and development that enables them to effectively communicate with their teams and their clients, and that they use to help fill in the gaps during the course of project delivery. They are not creative directors, but like all team members, they bring a unique perspective to the project that is part of our collaborative process. Project Managers are accountable for the success or failure of each of their projects, and therefore can make decisions for the team when there is not group consensus — but it is their responsibility to seek as much input as possible from the project team.

Uyilo Museum Project Management

User Experience

User Experience (UX) Strategists are responsible for collecting, documenting, and analyzing client needs and goals and developing a strategy to address them. UXers work with designers, developers, engineers, and project managers to achieve strong visual and technological solutions without sacrificing usability. UXers at UYiLO MUSEUM listen to clients but they approach their analysis of client audiences and goals from an outside perspective that allows them to see solutions that our clients can not. UXers must not only identify solutions to client business problems, they must also effectively articulate options to clients with clarity and confidence.

Uyilo Museum User Experience


Designers are problem solvers who use visual media to develop solutions for our clients that are on-brand, aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and elegant in their simplicity while ultimately solving business problems for our clients. Designers at UYiLO MUSEUM collaborate with other team members (User Experience, Development, Engineering, and Project Management) throughout the design process to ensure the result of their work pushes the envelope of what’s possible, but never exceeds the boundaries of what’s practical or attainable. Individual Designers may be in a lead role on one project and a supporting role on another.

Uyilo Museum Design


Developers are responsible for translating the results of the User Experience and Design process into standards-compliant websites and applications. Developers work with Designers, Developers, Engineers and Project Managers from project inception through completion to ensure not only that the resulting product is attainable, but also to push the envelope of what’s possible using modern web technologies and interactions. Developers at UYiLO MUSEUM are always learning new techniques and technologies, and bringing that knowledge to the rest of the team.

Uyilo Museum Development


Engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining custom back-end solutions that perform in ways that exceed our clients expectations. Engineers at UYiLO MUSEUM are not just implementers of pre-determined functional specifications, they are solutions architects who help come up with the ideas that ultimately set us apart from our competitions. Engineers at UYiLO MUSEUM work in an agile development environment and, like the rest of the team, have frequent direct client contact through the course of their project work. Engineers are problem solvers come up with creative solutions to project requirements, but also present options to their team and to clients if there is more than one way to solve a problem.

Uyilo Museum Engineering

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategists are responsible for creating and managing internal and client marketing campaigns, including: Social Media, PR, SEO, PPC, Events, Experiential, and more. Marketers work to not only define strategies, but also to measure their success and make ongoing recommendations to approaches in an agile fashion. Marketers research competitors, and support UXers to contribute to development of strategy deliverables in the discovery phase of projects as appropriate.

Uyilo Museum Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Content Strategists at UYiLO MUSEUM are responsible for determining and documenting client business goals and user needs. Content Strategists audit existing content and create a comprehensive plan for future content: what needs to be created/edited/removed, how, when, by who, and where. Content Strategists support User Experience Strategists to help establish meta data frameworks, implement taxonomies and classification schemes, and develop site structures.

Uyilo Museum Content Strategy

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