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UYiLO Museum is pleased to present its diverse collections. The items in our collections have come from international auctions with strict criteria. Our collections show and teach how man meets his needs for evolution over the centuries from his simple daily life to his later need for technological evolution which never stops. Ancient objects of everyday life, mostly ancient Greek but not only, Works of art that show the change of artists' stimuli through the passage and situations of each era. Photographic material of historical events that stigmatized and changed the course of humanity. Printed material from Plato's books to comics and printed form of mass media. Collection of Costume series from different cultures that give us images of the way of thinking and living of peoples. A collection that presents the evolution and the technological leaps that took place and gradually lead humanity to a form of globalization for which we present step by step this evolution from its original form until today and for every tomorrow that will take place today. All the objects in the possession of the UYiLO Museum have been collected absolutely and only in any legal way by international auction.





Photographic Documents

Nasa Photos, Second World War, First World War, Journalist Photos and more.

Technological Objects

Everything Apple production.

Ancient & New Objects

Ancient Coins, Ancient and New Objects, Banknotes and much more.

Comic & Books

Rare old Books and Comics



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